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Frequently Asked Question

Q. What ingredients are in My Epack cartridges?


A. My Epack cartridges contain nicotine, glycerol, propylene glycol (a water-based ingredient found in many health products, medicines, food and, drinks) herbal extracts.


Q. How do I create an account?


A.  Click on My Account at the top of the page and the under the New Customers box click Create An Account.  Then fill in the requied details and then click submit.


Q. How do I place an order?


A. Log in to your account. Click on the item you would like to purchase.  Fill in the quantity you require and then click Add To Cart.  You now have the option to carry on shopping for more items by clicking Continue Shopping or if your have finished shopping simply click Proceed to Checkout and that will take you to the payment page.


Q. How do I track my order?


A. You can track your order by clicking the Orders and Returns link at the bottom of the page and then entering your details and clicking  continue.  You can also call our customer service on 020 8854 9644 or email support@myepack.co.uk.


Q. How does a coupon code work?


A. You can apply  the coupon code at the checkout and the appropriate amount will be descounted in your shopping cart.


Q. How do I change my password?


A. After you login click on My Account at the top of the page and then in the Account Information area click on Change Password and follow the instructions.


Q. How can I receive support from the company?


A. Our number one priority at My Epack is keeping you happy.  You can receive support anytime by contacting our customer service  at sales@myepack.co.uk you should receive an email within 24 hours.


Q. Where can I smoke My Epack?


A. My Epack electronic cigarette  do not contain tobacco and can be used in areas where cigarette smoking bans are in place.  This includes places like bars, clubs, restaurants, offices, (if in doubt please check with the location manager before use.)


Q. What are the effects of nicotine in My Epack?


A. Nicotine effects include stimulation, alertness, and a feeling of relaxation/calmness, all of which can last from minutes to hours. Nicotine is considered an addictive substance, however its links to health issues are mostly inconclusive.


Q. Is my Epack healthier than traditional cigarettes?


A. Traditional cigarettes contain tar, toxins, and over 4000 chemicals; by contrast, My Epack contains only a small dose of nicotine, delivered in the form of water vapour.


Q. What resistance are your cartomisers?


A. All our cartomisers are horizontal  coil  2.4-2.6 ohms resistance.


Q. Can your cartomisers and batteries be used with other brands on the market?


A. Yes we use kr808d-1 fitting for our cartomisers and e cigarette batteries and are fully compatible with all other brands on the market with the same fitting.


Q. How long does a pre filled cartomiser last?


A. Our pre filled cartomiser will last for around 300-350 puffs depending on the length of the puff equivalent to approx 20 real cigarettes.


Q. How do I know when the cartomiser is empty?


 A. You will notice a distinct drop in performance and vapour production. You may also notice a slight burnt taste which is the wadding inside the cartomiser starting to melt.


Q. Can your cartomisers be re-filled?


A. Yes our cartomisers can be re-filled upto 5 times or sometimes more.


Q. How do I re-fill a cartomiser?


A. To re-fill a cartomiser remove the rubber end cap and drip in the e-liquid of your choice. A cartomiser will take around 25-30 drops of e liquid .  Hold the cartomiser at an angle so that the e liquid runs down the wall of the cartomiser and not the central tube. Never fill a cartomiser while still attached to the battery as e liquid could get into the battery switch causing it to stop working.


Q. How long does a fully charged kr808d-1 battery last?


A. We stock two sizes of kr808d-1 batteries 180mah and 280mah. The 180mah will last around 2 hours of constant use and the 280 mah around 3 hours.


Q. What is the life span of the kr808d-1 battery?


A. The kr808d-1 battery has a life span of around 300 charges.


Q. What is the fitting on your E Shisha battery?


A. Our E Shisha battery has the same kr808d-1 fitting.  It is a 320mah manual  battery and is fully compatible with our cartomisers


Q. What fitting is on the Evod?


A. The Evod has an ego thread fitting.


Q. What fitting is on the Protank?


A. The Protank has an ego fitting, you can use the Evod battery on the protank or any other ego fitting battery.


Q. Where are your e liquids from?


A. We are proud to say we are one of a handful of distributors for Dekang E-liquids in the UK for Gold, Silver, and Premium label e-liquids. Dekang are one of the world’s leading e liquid producers from China.


Q. What is the mix in your e liquids?


A. All our Gold, Silver and Premium label e-liquids contain  80%pg (propylene glycol) and 20%vg (vegetable glycerol).


All our Shisha range e-liquids contain 80%vg 20% pg .and do not contain any nicotine


Q. What is the difference between e-liquids that are PG-based and those that are VG-based in terms of flavour, vapour, throat hit?


A. The PG e-liquid has more flavour and the VG is always a bit sweeter. The VG produces more vapour, but becuase of this you will go through more e-liquid. The PG has a higher throat hit, but the VG is smoother.


Q. Does the V1 power pcc charge a battery while it is on charge at the same time?


A. Yes you can charge a battery whilst the pcc is on charge at the same time


When you want to charge a battery, screw it into the PCC then press the charge button on the base of the PCC and hold for 3 secs for charging to begin.


The tip of the battery will light up indicating the battery is charging. The LED on the base of the PCC will change from green to red.


The light on the tip of the battery and the light on the base of the PCC will go out when the battery is fully charged.



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  1. OUTSTANDING!!! Review by Andrew
    Would Recommend

    I bought this to put my Kanger Subtank on and it looks superb, no overhang with the skin on.
    I don't want 100W, nowhere near but with two 18650s in it this lasts for days at normal vaping levels. 15W light vaping and just turn it up to make the odd clouds. Kanger Subtank + Sigelei 100W Plus, the perfect combo.
    The Plus is everything that the original should have been Big Up to Sigelei for taking note of what the customers said and acting on it. (Posted on 23/11/2014)

  2. Incredible. Review by Andrew
    Would Recommend

    I'd gone right off Kanger clearomisers recently, fed up of the coils blowing the wick out of the side holes but they've really nailed it with this tank.
    Truly a tank for everyone (if you can handle the size). On my Sigelei 100W Plus have it at 10W or 15W for an ordinary vape or turn it up to make clouds. Or change it over to RBA mode.
    In my opinion it looks exactly right on the Sigelei, no overhang with the skin on, put simply this is the setup I wish I'd always had.
    Build quality - superb Value for money - just look at what you get for £29.99 OUTSTANDING!!! (Posted on 14/11/2014)

  3. Fantastic item and first class service Review by Glenn
    Would Recommend

    As usual with Ash, the service was second to none. Fast delivery (even during this Xmas period) and the best price i've seen.

    Not had a chance to give the tank a good vape but first impressions are impressive. Huge clouds of vapour, great taste and you can rebuild your coils if you want or just buy the pre-made ones. (Posted on 14/11/2014)

  4. Absolute Masterpiece Review by Mahmud
    Would Recommend

    This tank is a true work of art in all respects, so nicely packaged, and excellent build quality, I also own the Atlantis tank, but this new Kanger blows the pants of the Atlantis, which for me is far too airy, and lacks flavour, also this new Kanger is not that power hungry as the Atlantis,

    The taste and flavour is just out of this world the tank capacity is excellent, the ready built coils are just as good as my own build, if not better!!

    I will be purchasing another, highly recommended.

    Top class service from Myeapck, hats off to these guys!!
    (Posted on 14/11/2014)

  5. Good choice Review by Simples
    Would Recommend

    Excellent piece of kit. I have a mini pro tank 2 that I made redundant because of the airflo issue (too tight) . This baby sorted it right out. Now smokes as good as aerotank. Recommendable to mini protank 2 users. Super quick delivery once again from Myepack. Nearly delivered it before I ordered it, they're that quick. Simples. (Posted on 10/06/2014)

  6. Good but not perfect Review by MDC
    Would Recommend

    Excellent battery for the same price as a Spinner 2, with display showing output and charge remaining.
    Puts out full power into a variety of loads, the only issue is that full power is about 11w, not the advertised 15w. (Posted on 08/10/2014)

Items 1 to 6 of 1285 total

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  3. 3
  4. 4
  5. 5
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  7. 215


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